• Preconstruction
  • Construction Management
  • Design-Build
  • General Contracting
  • Troubled Project Turn-Around
  • Construction Claims Services
  • Disaster Recovery

RDM-USA provides owners and end users of Commercial Construction Projects with all the necessary tools and management techniques to ensure success, while allowing our clients to conduct their individual day to day business during construction.

Our proactive, hands on approach allows all involved parties to step outside the boundaries of traditional roles and into a more interactive atmosphere. Think of each project as a puzzle, with many unique pieces. RDM-USA identifies and brings forth all the necessary pieces needed in creating a successful project and manages the total effort from inception to completion.

RDM provides project specific and individually tailored services and tools for all phases of a Commercial Construction Project.


Construction projects are by no means cookie cutter affairs where one plan fits all. With each project, comes many new and unique challenges that must be identified early on and resolved to ensure overall project success. During this phase, RDM will provide detailed Cost Analysis and Real-Time Estimates. A Project Schedule will be developed, identifying any and all long lead items and logistical conflicts to ensure a timely and safe completion of the project. Value Engineering and Constructability concerns will also be identified and addressed during this phase. LEED certification initiation if applicable, along with any Renewable Energy Assessment will be initiated as well.

  • Skills
    • Feasibility & Constructability Study
    • Preliminary Project Schedule
    • Provide Value Engineering
    • Bid Package Preparation and Distribution
    • Establishment of Project Control Estimate
    • Construction Management
    • LEED Certification / Renewable Energy Assessment
    • Develop Detailed Project Budget
    • Selection of Subcontractors / Supplier
    • Analysis of all Bids
    • Contract Preparation

Construction Management

Construction Management – As Advisors

As Construction Managers, RDM will manage the entire construction process from Preconstruction through acquisition of Occupancy Permit and completion of Close-Out Documents.

Construction Management – At Risk

As Construction Managers at Risk, RDM will provide and control all construction efforts. Under this model, RDM will hold all contracts and subcontracts pertaining to construction, in addition to providing on-site project supervision for the duration of the project. Our experience and knowledge base helps Owners reduce their risk and worry. We are committed to Construct Projects at Cost ™.


RDM will serve as the single point of contact to the Owner, overseeing and managing all Design, Engineering, Preconstruction, and Construction efforts. The greatest advantage to this delivery method is the speed of project completion. Construction under this model will be occurring concurrent to design allowing up to 25% faster completion time or more. Additionally, this model will provide Owner with one source of accountability for the entire project from inception to completion.

Design/Bid/Build (General Contracting)

Under this model, the Contractor is typically chosen based on Low Bid. RDM has successfully provided Design/Bid/Build services for clients thanks to our experience in the local markets and ability to provide realistic estimates. This project delivery method increases the probability of costly change orders.

Troubled Project Turn-Around

RDM will provide independent assessment of the project to develop recommendations to resolve outstanding issues and if needed implement measures that will lead towards a successful and amicable completion of the project.

RDM has successfully identified cost overruns, along with effective recommendations, saving clients not only time but also money. In most cases, the savings derived have surpassed RDM’s negotiated fee for this service.

Construction Claims Services

Even the most carefully planned construction operations and projects can lead to unforeseen problems, claims, and disputes. RDM-USA’s unsurpassed experience in project management and construction management allows us to successfully provide Claim and Consulting services to our clients. It is important to realize, we are not Lawyers, but our vast experience in the field of Construction allows us to help clients minimize loss, proactively identify and reduce risk, while providing effective consulting to help find an amicable resolution between the various parties.

Our goal is to find amicable resolutions to complex problems. Our philosophy is that litigation is the last resort.

  • Skills
    • Claims Consulting
    • Expert Witness
    • Delay and Disruption Analysis
    • Fraud Investigation
    • Management Consulting
    • Litigation Support
    • Cost and Damages Assessment
    • Risk Management
    • Forensic Accounting

Disaster Recovery

RDM Reconstruction Services is designed to stream-line disaster recovery efforts from initial assessment through re-occupancy.

Our single-source approach to getting your buildings reconstructed after a disaster strikes allows RDM to deliver services effectively while maximizing the Owner’s control over the restoration plans, costs, and overall schedule.